nastoyaschee maslo
Giving local family-owned oil company a fresh new look on both offline shelves and online platforms. This is what we came to after a year of working with Ekaterina and her brand: from identity makeup to packaging featured on world's best design resources.

Software used: Ai, Ps, Webflow.
After a couple of years into oil making business, Ekaterina reached out to me for help on growing her family brand to mass markets keeping it eco-friendly in as many details as possible. As we travelled through branding and business visuals, sales got stronger and production was finally ready to expand. To make products stand out more both online and offline markets, we developed new packaging design, which took eco-friendly to a new level and the company itself with it.
With three new oils now in product line, new design was ready for any further movement. Simple color coding with logo repeated on the background allows for new products to be labeled easily, but also plays strong on offline shelves, when bottles are placed as shown, as the leaf flows from side to side.
Going with task of being as eco-oriented as we can, we spent a couple of weeks just to find a printshop with true craft paper available for labels, while all the others offered us imitating it with printing, which was a no-no. As a result, we achieved our goal of making our packaging completely eco-friendly, with not only craft paper, but also only two color used for any product and recycling instructions described on it.
Right as we finished print tests, since yellow-ish craft paper had its fun on color displaying, the production line was completely ready for new products to arrive. With the final touch from photographer Arina Shelest, we got our bottles ready to go live on the market.
Working for Ekaterina and her company was a complete joy. With any problems we had to face, she was all into cooperating for finding the solutions, and we finished our work with her learning how to manage her company's website I developed in Webflow.

Our finished product was not only loved by the customers and helped company's sales grow, but also well-appreciated by world's most popular design resources, which led to even more clients on the list.
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