There's a superhero in every boy and girl, whatever the place they live, the school they go, or games they play. Just ask any kid about their favourite comics characters and get you ready to write down as many names as your hand keeps up to speed! And there's always a word of "I want to be like him/her, that's so cooool!" So why not give these little dreamers a chance?

This packaging contains 10 pounds (about 4.5 kilos) of granulated sugar and is best for big families and those who prefer to buy food not often, but big and for long. It's got a corner twist cap for easy pouring and a big handle for comfortable holding.

Sugarman's job is not only being attractive to kids but also encourage parents to teach their boys and girls about how important it is to be responsible, especially about sugar consumption. True superheroes always know when it's enough: responsibility is in the first place when it comes to being a hero.

So get your cup of tea ready to make your energy high and mind strong, you sweet little superhero!

Software used: Ai, Ps.