spinning the planet
From researching the history of sneakerhead culture to making the ultimate research source for other enthusiasts. Almost 300-paged guide with pop-culture, world history and technology leading the story. First part of my diploma project at HSE.

Software used: Id, Ai, Ps, Lr.
Book dust jacket mimicking original Nike boxes with size label used for all book info (title, author, etc.). Simply because there're sneakers inside the book, just like in the boxes!
Contents page is with all chapter title pages combined, all having the same orange color for a bright spot and easy finding. And every chapter follows the same flow with its own b/w intro and outro with sneaker lying on its side.
Every model you see in the book has its name and origin year next to it, so that your introduction is both easy and complete.
With storytelling based on everyday life, well-known characters and pop-culture — they are all named, too. So now you know which sneakers were used for Michael Keaton's Batman costume or the name of the model Marty McFly was wearing in that famous scene.
With general layout being simple and flexible, details are dictated by each individual story. From happy Disney characters waving at you to one of the most rebellious tennis players in the world not watching his mouth.
spinning the planet: the story
See the bigger picture behind this projects:
from cover design to naming system