World's most famous board game complete remake with sneakerhead culture in mind. From illustrations and 3D figures to web extension and new game mechanics with storytelling in the flow.

Software used: Ai, Ps, Blender, Cura.
This game is a direct follow-up of my 'Spinning the Planet' book and a second part of my Master's diploma project at HSE from 2021. It continues the exploration of same topic in a more interactive way, giving players a chance to take on the role of a true sneakerhead.

This project was carried out with both entertaining and enlightening in mind. Game elements are designed in a way so that you not only have great fun with your friends while playing, but meet something new about the world of sneakers.
Taking classic Monopoly game as a starting point, this game follows original gameplay mechanics, but every single element is adapted to the world of sneakers both visually and contextually. You meet iconic sports shoe models, famous characters from sneakers history and everything talks to you like you are one of those sneakerhead maniacs.
As true sneakerhead would do, your goal is to grow your collection as big and valuable as possible. Going for the win, you gather illustrated property cards of most iconic sneakers and group them into colors just like in the original game. There are total of 26 models in the game from first running bestsellers by New Balance to famous Nike's 'Back to the Future' self-lacing boots.
Every sneaker is thankful to someone for its status: from Kanye's popular 'Yeezy's to tennis legend Stan Smith with his self-titled white classics. These characters are taking their rightful place behind the back of their shoes on the cards. Furthermore, you can find even more about their shared history turning the card over — every card has its dedicated QR-code with online article!
Custom actions and new game mechanics are what really makes you feel as an actual sneaker enthusiast. Everything is packed with easter eggs and references from pop culture and sports to everyday life: famous quotes by characters from the game and jokes all over the place. You can even participate in ruffle just like real sneakerheads do to win that desired box. And for sure you gotta clean your shoes after some dirty play.

Wanna check how good you are in sports shoes subject? Sneaker trivia will test your might with related questions — that's where the back sides of your cards may come in handy.
What kind of sneaker fan you are if not walking in your shoes? You have a choice of six tiny sneakers made with plastic to pick one as your player's figure to go around the board. Remember 'houses' from the original game? Now you make your collection more valuable with shoe boxes — stack them up and make others pay even more for visiting your spaces.
You never go for a good edition without some extra stuff. There's a couple of stickerpacks inside with all the models you meet in the game — so you can truly express your love to your collection. And while we are still waiting for a chance to rock our kicks and showcase them around the places, there's at least one more reason to see each other and have fun together at home.
sneakerpoly: the story
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from first sketches and 3D-modelling to online articles and magnetic board prototyping