Russiatravel: country of discoveries
AR scene for an ad video of RussiaTravel's 'Discover Your City' marketing campaign in 2021 featuring blogger Danya Milokhin.

While my friend Ivan Savelyev was finishing the development in Xcode, I had my hands on the 3D scene itself using Blender for both finished models, surface texturing, lighting, modelling other pieces and final compositing.

Software used: Blender, Photoshop.
The scene plays in the video in the second segment (0:20 - 0:35). The red door in the middle of the building works as a portal from the real world to the virtual one with real-time tracing made possible by iPhone and iPad new LIDAR sensors, but the transition also works with older devices by using the cameras only.

Passing through the door the user finds himself in majestic mountain terrain with stars all around them and is accompanied by a pink unicorn figure. The scene also has its own environment sound, which grows in volume as entering or exiting the portal.